Two new programs – and the next chapter for Day One

When we launched the Day One Fellowship last year, we were on a mission to fill a huge gap in the entrepreneurial landscape that no one else was focused on.
On one side you have venture capital, a force multiplier for innovation… that only fits for a very small set of entrepreneurs. Most of the press goes toward venture backed companies, but what we might call “small businesses” outnumber vc-backed startups 100 to 1.
On the other side are elite business schools and entrepreneurial networks like YPO and Entrepreneurs Organization. These are exclusive, expensive and old school, and aren’t a fit for the builders of modern small businesses.
The truth is, the startup ecosystem isn’t designed for most founders. 
Where are you supposed to go if you don’t fit in? 
Where do you start if you need to learn and want to actually level up as an entrepreneur?

Get ready for the next chapter of Day One. 

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of two new programs, which fundamentally change how we support entrepreneurs and provide a better kind of entrepreneurial education.
This announcement comes on the heels of the Day One team growing (you probably saw us announce two amazing new team members a few weeks back). Well that announcement was made possible because we hit another milestone – we raised our first official round of capital. So with new capital on board, and an expanded team, we started making big plans… and that leads us to today.
We’re building Day One for modern business builders – the people who are building businesses on the side of full time jobs or school, who are launching “calm companies” instead of rocket ships, who are leaving the comfort of corporate life for the fulfillment of freelancing and being your own boss. These entrepreneurs aren’t here for status or games, they’re here to chart new paths and make a difference. 
We know what these entrepreneurs need – and what they’re not getting anywhere else – because so many have joined Day One over the last year and told us. But we realized that we weren’t serving them as well as we could. So we’re reshuffling the deck…

Introducing: The Idea Activator and the (New) Day One Fellowship

The Idea Activator
Entrepreneurial education has been stuck in the stone age. We’re here to change that with Activators – short, high-touch, cohort-based learning programs. These aren’t your traditional courses or bootcamps, nor is this just a regurgitation of popular Twitter threads. Activator programs are facilitated by an experienced operator or entrepreneur who is world-class in the subject matter they’re teaching. Each Activator will cultivate a tight-knit community where you build relationships with a talented, diverse group of peers. You learn through equal parts practice and collaboration. And you come away with real-world, practical knowledge that will accelerate you and the business you’re building. 
In short, these programs are designed to help you learn and level up in important, specific areas of entrepreneurship.
Our very first Activator is the Idea Activator – a 4-week, cohort-based learning experience where you’ll learn the ins and outs of exploring, researching, designing, validating and launching a new business. 
We’ve taken the best of the curriculum from the Day One Fellowship and packed it into a focused, high-touch program. We know your time is valuable so we’ve made the program 4-weeks, packing in everything you need to know, while including collaborative learning sessions, expert-led mentor sessions, and the community you’ve come to expect from Day One.
Who’s the Idea Activator for?
This program is the perfect fit for an aspiring entrepreneur who has ideas, who’s dreamed of starting something, but hasn’t gotten their new business off the ground. What we’ve learned is that these blockers can be overcome by putting into practice the right methodology, working within a community, and tapping into the right kinds of support. 
We’re launching the inaugural cohort of the Idea Activator on January 9th, and applications are open now. We’re curating each cohort to be a diverse mix of early stage entrepreneurs, who are all ambitious, curious and generous. 

Learn more and apply to the Idea Activator

The (New) Day One Fellowship
With the launch of Activators, the Day One Fellowship is evolving into our evergreen membership community. You now join as a Fellow on a monthly or yearly subscription, and gain access to a growing community of like-minded entrepreneurs, a series of events every week where you’ll interact and learn from both mentors and peers, a growing library of curated content and a collection of startup resources worth thousands. 
You might join the Fellowship after completing the Idea Activator so that you can tap into a community to support your ongoing learning, or to leverage the resources and access to mentors while you bring your new business to life. 
Or you can join the Fellowship straight away – which is the perfect move for someone in the messy middle of building a business. Instead of joining a time-bound Fellowship program that leaves you wanting more at the end, or worse – applying waiting to be let into overly exclusive accelerator or incubator programs, the Day One Fellowship is accessible and provides and everything you need to support you on your entrepreneurial journey.
We’re launching the New Fellowship later in Q1, timing the launch to the graduation of our first Idea Activator cohort, and you can join a waitlist now. We’ll give priority access to join the Fellowship to those who sign up for the waitlist, and will be opening up the doors gradually to ensure we provide an 11/10 experience to every new Fellow.
Join the Fellowship waitlist

Join us as we change how entrepreneurs level up and grow

As we embark on this new chapter, and launch these new programs, we’re both extremely excited… but also settling in for the long haul. 
The Fellowship is growing into an influential community of entrepreneurs, and we’re committed to investing heavily to make the experience for entrepreneurs supportive, inspiring and up-leveling. As that community grows, we’ll have the resources to continue adding value – access to more/better tools and perks, connections to important networks… 
And before long, we’ll be offering a whole catalog of Activator programs, ranging across topics that entrepreneurs need to master – ideation, product building, operations, growth and marketing, brand building, sales, hiring, fundraising, financial planning… and so many more. 
We invite you to come build with us. Sign up to join our mailing list and we’ll share content and events. If you’re an experienced founder, operator or investor and want to be part of this growing ecosystem, we’d love to have you plug in as a speaker or to host a workshop. 
And if you’re at the stage where you need a push to take the leap, level up, or invest in the support you need to succeed – apply to the Idea Activator or sign up for the Fellowship waitlist.
We can’t wait to work with you.
Andrew and the whole Day One team.

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