The Grasshopper Grant for Day One

Grasshopper Bank created Grasshopper Grants with the belief that access to meaningful programs and events should not be limited by a founder’s ability to pay to attend, especially when most early-stage founders have exceptionally scarce resources.

Grasshopper believes that Day One is a valuable program to help founders at the early stages of building their business. We are proud to support founders by offering Grasshopper Grants and easing the financial burden they face so that they can benefit from programs like Day One by getting the content, being a part of the conversation, and continuing to build connections that will drive their business forward. 

To support this cause, Grasshopper is supporting at least five founders by underwriting $500 of their Day One program tuition. 

How to Apply:  To apply for a Grasshopper Grant, first apply for the Day One Fellowship (button below).  After you submit your application to Day One, you will receive an email outlining how to be considered for the Grant.


By submitting an application for a Grasshopper Grant you acknowledge and accept the following terms: You are not associated with any Cannabis or Cryptocurrency industries. This grant is a reduction in the tuition paid to Day One directly by Grasshopper Bank and that no monetary funds will be sent directly to you. Grasshopper has the right to highlight and promote Grant recipients, through various media channels. Some of these channels include, but are not limited to, social media, inclusion in a public blog post, our website. Grasshopper reserves the right to rescind the grant at their sole discretion. Grasshopper does not make any representation to the accuracy or completeness of the Day One course, nor does it hold itself accountable for their content.

Grasshopper Bank is a Member FDIC, nationally chartered digital commercial bank supporting the innovation economy. We believe that proactive authentic relationships, coupled with our technology, are an enabler for delivering meaningful and relevant value to our clients.   Grasshopper is built to provide a more efficient, inclusive, and creative experience for clients as a partner in their journey, with an emphasis on supporting the next generation of founders, investors, and communities. 

To learn more, you can connect with Jeremy Shure or Lauren McCollom, or find us at