The Day One Fellowship

Build and grow a new business with a community of founders, mentors and investors

Talented, Diverse Founder Community | Hands-On Mentorship | World-Class Curriculum

Building a startup is hard.
We provide the support you need.

Never feel stuck, alone or stagnant.

Stop relying on half-baked blog posts or mediocre online courses.  Get hands-on advice from experts who have done it before and peers who are working along side you.

Tap into a built-in network

When you’re building a new venture, your first job is to have 100 meetings – with customers, industry experts, investors, or future hires.  With Day One, you have that network.

Get your questions answered.

Wondering how to de-risk your idea?  How to get your MVP built and launched?  What’s the best way to incorporate?  Is your pitch deck good enough?  Get access to proven playbooks and tools to guide you and advisors to ensure you’re on the right track.

Don't break the bank or give away the store

We don’t require you to quit your job to join our Fellowship.  We also don’t charge thousands of dollars or take 7% of your company.  We offer a 10-week program for less than it would cost to hire us for a couple of hours of coaching.

Grow your business FASTER
with help from early-stage experts

Andrew Hutton

Built the venture studio at Human Ventures, a leading NYC based VC.  Advised companies on innovation strategy at Accenture and taught design thinking at Parsons.

Rahul Brahmbhatt

Rahul has over 20 years experience leading organizations in the private and social sector.  He is also an active angel investor.

Alifya Valiji

Alifya was previously a Venture Associate at Techstars where she helped screen applying startups and then worked one-on-one with founders during the program.  

The Day One team has launched a dozen+ businesses, raised millions from top investors, and advised/invested in over 100 startups.  This team will work with you on a day-to-day basis.

Real founders making real progress

DE-RISK your startup
with support from an unrivaled community

Learn from serial founders who have achieved $1B exits and investors who manage $50M+ venture funds. These are just a few of the founders, operators and investors who guide, advise or teach within Day One.

Accelerate your progress over 10 weeks and then get Lifetime Access

10-Week Program

Hands on, 1:1 coaching from mentors

Facilitated peer-group sessions 

Tight-knit cohort of world-class founders

Live pitch practice and feedback from VCs

Closed door office hour sessions, talks and workshops w/ experienced Mentors

Participate in investor + mentor showcase

Lifetime Alumni Access

Connect to fellows across all cohorts through fellow-only Slack + directory

Library of all past and future recorded sessions 

Library of templates, tools and resources

Alumni only events

Members only perks

Frequently Asked Questions

Because we provide 1:1 guidance that takes into account your context, and have developed playbooks for the common fundamentals of building a startup, almost every founder who is looking to find support, tap into powerful networks, and accelerate their journey as they build is a fit.

If you haven’t yet focused into a specific idea, you are probably a better fit for Day Zero. If you feel you have found product-market fit, you’re probably a better fit for an accelerator. Anything in between those points is a great fit for the Day One Fellowship

Every application is reviewed by our team. If we think there is a good fit, we’ll invite you to an 30 minute interview.  This informal interview is to get to know you and give you a chance to get to know us.  We make almost all decisions after this first interview, within a couple of days.

At the start of the program you will be put into a small group of other Fellows and assigned a Day One Mentor-in-Residence as your coach.  

Every week, you will be guided (and held accountable) by your coach to ship a project and get feedback.  You will be given step-by-step playbooks to follow to take away the guesswork and have the support you need to ensure you don’t get stuck.

Each week you will also be able to attend office hours with experienced investors, founders, domain experts for small group working sessions and discussions.

This structure allows the flexibility to help you at whatever stage of the journey you are at.

Most accelerators have a business model which doesn’t charge anything upfront and instead takes a percentage of equity (4-7%).  This dynamic leads them to focus on accepting companies only after they’ve proved themselves and results in acceptance rates of around 1%.  

We have intentionally decided that we would be equity-free and instead charge a tuition fee of $1,399.  There are two big advantages with this pricing model:  1) it ends up being less expensive for you in the long run.  Equity might seem cheap now, but trust us once you start raising money you will be happy to have that extra 4-7%.  2)  it allows us to help the earliest stage companies that aren’t yet ready for a traditional accelerator.  

We know our program is incredibly effective and will help you level up.  If you decide the program isn’t working for you – we will refund your program fee. No questions asked.

Our goal is to make the Fellowship accessible to anyone with the ambition to start something new, regardless of their situation.

If financial needs are holding you back from joining, please tell us during the application process – on a case by case basis we can provide discounts and payment plans.

Applications are always free, so don’t hesitate to apply and tell us about your circumstances.

Cohort 4 is launching June 6 and runs until August 13.

Cohort 5 is tentatively scheduled to launch mid July.

Apply to the Fellowship

Submit an application to be considered for an upcoming cohort of the Day One Fellowship.

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