The Day One Idea Activator

The bootcamp for business builders

The Day One Idea Activator is a virtual, 4-week, cohort-based bootcamp that equips entrepreneurs with the essential tools and knowledge to launch a successful new business. Learn alongside hundreds of talented, ambitious peers and make real progress toward bringing your new business to life.

Next Cohort: Jan 30 – Feb 25

Applications Deadline: January 23

Cost: $999

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Do these resonate?
Then the Idea Activator was created for you.

Aspiring Entrepreneur 

You want to start a business, but haven’t gotten anything off the ground yet

Early stage founder 

You’re exploring and building, but need some guidance or a push to get unstuck

Corporate innovator

You need new strategies to create new ventures inside a big business

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Stop Procrastinating. Start Building. 🚀

Get out of your comfort zone and take the steps to bring your ideas to life.

Problem: You don't know where to start
Solution: Let us demystify the process

It might seem that some people are just born with the ability to innovate. But that’s not how it works. Entrepreneurship can be learned, and we’re here to teach you. You’ll learn how to find good business ideas, do deep dive market and customer research, design an innovative business model, and de-risk your business through tests and experiments.

Problem: You don't know the next steps to take
Solution: Create a roadmap for your new business

You’ll put your learning into practice throughout the program, so you won’t just learn frameworks, you’ll put them to work. You’ll create a practical roadmap that you can implement during and after the program as you work towards starting a business. 

Problem: You feel overwhelmed. You lack confidence. You're swirling.
Solution: Find your people and build in community

You’ll be learning alongside hundreds of high potential peers who are all leaning in to help, support and grow together. Day One Activator programs are high-touch, cohort-based programs where you’ll form meaningful connections that will supercharge your journey.

By the end of 4 weeks, you'll have:

A knack for spotting ideas and frameworks to know what good ideas look like.
Best in class framework for designing water-tight  business models.
Tried-and-tested tools and practices to perform market and customer research.
Designed an MVP/test that you can build, launch and use to de-risk your business.
Clarity on who you are as an entrepreneur and how your passion can become a real business.
A personalized roadmap to guide you as you launch a new business.

What will I learn in the Idea Activator?

After 4 action packed weeks, you will have the tools to go from an idea to a validated startup ready to launch.

Week 1
Kickoff and Exploration

You start the program with a kickoff session where you’ll orient to our systems, the community, and the curriculum. Then in week 1, you’ll dive into tactics for how to explore and have good ideas, as well as frameworks for how to assess ideas for both quality and founder-fit.

Week 2
Market and Customer Research

In week 2, you’ll learn how to take the raw ideas you have and go deep enough to start understanding if you might have a real business. You’ll pick up playbooks on how to do customer and market research and jump right into real-world research.

Week 3
Business Model Definition

In week 3, you’ll learn the frameworks for crafting a water-tight business model, explore case studies so you can see how real businesses have been built using these models, and focus on finding the core insights that will differentiate and drive your business.

Week 4
Validation and Roadmap

In week 4, you’ll apply frameworks for validating ideas, craft a plan for how to test and validate the most critical assumption you’re making about your business, and create a roadmap for yourself to bring your new business idea into the world. 

4 session types create a dynamic learning experience

Expect to put 3-5 hours per week into live sessions, and we advise setting aside another 3-5 hours for networking, collaboration, and making progress on your own ideas.

Live Lessons
20% teaching and 80% doing, we give you the tools and guide you in how to use them
Monday and Tuesday
5pm PT / 8pm ET 
Expert Office Hours
Bolster your learning with sessions hosted by startup and domain experts 
3pm PT / 6pm ET
Co-working Sessions
Connect with your peers, share, ask questions, and get hands-on support from your instructors
9am PT / 12pm ET
On Demand
Access curated content, playbooks, recordings and your cohort of peers 

Meet Your Program Director

Andrew Hutton is the founder of Day One and an experienced venture builder. 

Before founding Day One, Andrew was the Chief Innovation Officer at Human Ventures, a venture studio where he helped launch startups like Milo, Tiny Organics, Lupii, Paloma Health, Spora Health, Deep, and many others. Before launching startups, Andrew was a professor at Parsons School of Design in New York City, and an innovation consultant at Altitude (now a part of Accenture). 

Mentors, speakers, and members of the Day One Ecosystem

Ready to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey?

The next cohort starts January 30th

8 Live Learning Sessions facilitated by expert instructors

Weekly outside expert Office Hour sessions

Weekly coworking sessions with peers and instructors

Playbooks with frameworks and tools to help you master the methodologies and processes for launching new businesses

A tailored roadmap for you and your entrepreneurial journey, to guide you as you build and start something new

Access to a private community of entrepreneurs and executives from a wide range of industries and backgrounds

Thousands of $$ of deals for startup tools and platforms

1 year of access to your cohort’s recordings and lessons

1 free month of access to the Day One Fellowship ($99 value)

Seats are limited. Apply to join today.

Length: 4 Weeks

Time commitment: 3-5 hours / week

Dates: Jan 30 – Feb 25 2022

Application Deadline: January 23

Cost: $999

Frequently Asked Questions

Entrepreneurial education has been stuck in the stone age. We’re here to change that with Activators – short, high-touch, cohort-based learning experiences. These aren’t your traditional courses or bootcamps. Every Activator program is facilitated by an experienced operator or entrepreneur. They cultivate a tight-knit community where you build relationships with a talented, diverse group of peers. You learn through equal parts practice and collaboration. And you come away with real-world, practical knowledge that will accelerate you and the business you’re building. In short, we help you activate your entrepreneurial career, in ways designed specifically for entrepreneurs.

The Ideation Activator is designed around a curriculum and high-touch, cohort-based learning experience, while the Day One Fellowship is designed as an ongoing community and support system.

We’ve intentionally designed the two programs to be distinct, yet work together. In the Ideation Activator, you’ll learn how to go from an idea to a validated new business, and leave with a clear roadmap to launch your new business. This program is perfect for anyone new to entrepreneurship, or who wants guidance and collaboration while they navigate this phase of the journey.

But we know that the entrepreneurial journey is long and winding, and so we designed the Day One Fellowship to be an ongoing community and support system. We hope many alumni from the Ideation Activator join the Fellowship to put their roadmaps into action. And Fellows who find themselves needing to go back to the starting line or want to level up will jump into the Ideation Activator.

The program fee is $999

Yes! We’re happy to give refunds to anyone who finds the program isn’t a fit or isn’t working for them. You have until 7 days after the program kicks off to request a full refund. 

We also offer the option to defer enrollment to a future program, again up to 7 days into the program.

Yes, we’ve designed the ideation Activator to work for people with busy schedules and full time jobs.

Most of the sessions are scheduled for evenings or late afternoons across U.S. time zones.

All of the program sessions are live and designed to be interactive, so we recommend you attend as many as possible, but in the event you can’t, we will record and post all content from the program.

You’ll have access to all the playbooks, tools, content, and virtual community platform 24/7.

And we’ve shortened the program to 4 weeks and loaded in all the valuable content you need to learn how to launch a business. 

After the 4 week program, you’ll be immediately onboarded into the Day One Fellowship community with a free month of membership (membership starts at $99 / month). After one month you can choose to continue as a Day One Fellow.

You’ll also have access to the community and content in the Ideation Activator platform for 1 year after your program ends. 

Your peers in the Ideation Activator will be entrepreneurially minded people from across industries and leels. They will range from explorers who are still working full time jobs, to founders who are full time on their business. They will come from across tech, banking, consulting, marketing and media, consumer goods, food and beverage, and many more. They will be all different levels – but equally ambitious and curious.

Past Day One Fellows have come from leading startups like Talkspace and Notarize, tech companies like Apple and Facebook, consulting firms like Accenture and Bain, and so many more top tier companies.

If you’re in a role where innovation, agile thinking and entrepreneurial mindsets are valued, you should be able to expense this program as a key part of your learning and development. Not only will you gain new skills, but you’ll build a network that will bolster your ongoing learning and could even lead to new hires and partnerships.

Get in touch with us if you are planning to expense the Ideation Activator and we’ll help you however we can.

Still have a question? Send us a note to

Apply to the Idea Activator

Length: 4 Weeks
Dates: Jan 30 - Feb 25 2022
Cost: $999

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