Level up as an entrepreneur

We've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs successfully launch new businesses, accelerate their careers, and avoid the mistakes, risks and costs of going it alone.

Learn how to build your business the right way.

Tried-and-test methodology

We’ll teach you how and guide you step by step to pressure test and validate your business. Week by week you’ll remove risks from your new business, clarify your strategy and direction, and build momentum.

Your entrepreneurship MBA

Gain foundational entrepreneurial knowledge – product, marketing, hiring, legal, fundraising, operations, branding and more – from experienced founders and operators. We put you in the room so you can ask questions, get feedback, and tap into hard-won, real-world experience.

Never feel stuck, alone or stagnant

Get hands-on guidance from coaches who are in the trenches with you. Get support from peers who have your back. We match you 1:1 with a mentor who works with you weekly throughout the Fellowship, and you’ll join a small group of peers who you can turn to for anything.

Expand your network

Build your network with hundreds of investors, operators, and fellow founders. You have access to our community across every cohort and we’re constantly expanding our network of mentors, partners, and investors.

Joining the Day One Fellowship is for anyone who wants to...

Expand their entrepreneurial network
Become a better, more confident entrepreneur
De-risk and validate a new business venture
Build momentum toward a launch, profitability, or a fundraise

Fellows achieve real startup wins

Mentors, advisors and members of the Day One ecosystem

Our team has your back

The Day One team are veterans with experience at startup studios, accelerators and angel networks. We teach, mentor and advise at Human Ventures, Parsons School of Design, NYU, Cornell Tech, Masschallenge, and Founder Institute. We’ve advised, built and invested in dozens of startups and now are bringing that expertise to you.

Andrew Hutton

Venture builder at Human Ventures, professor at Parsons School of Design

Rahul Brahmbhatt

20 year generalist across the private and social sector and active angel investor

Alifya Valiji

Venture Associate at Techstars

Fellowship Overview

10-Week Program

World-class startup-building curriculum

Hands on, 1:1 coaching from mentors-in-residence

Facilitated peer-group sessions 

Tight-knit cohort of world-class founders

Live pitch practice and feedback from VCs

Closed door office hour sessions with experienced founders and operators

Participate in investor + mentor showcase

Lifetime Alumni Access

Connect to fellows across all cohorts through fellow-only Slack + directory

Library of all past and future recorded sessions 

Access to curriculum including all templates, tools and resources

Members only perks

Alumni only events

Frequently Asked Questions

The Day One Fellowship is designed for early stage founders. We suggest that entrepreneurs at least have an idea that they want to work on and run through the curriculum methodology. If you feel you have found product-market fit and are onto scaling, you’re probably a better fit for an accelerator. Anything in between those points is a great fit for the Day One Fellowship.

Because we provide 1:1 guidance that takes into account your context, and have developed a curriculum around the common fundamentals of building a startup, every early stage founder is a fit, whether you’re building a venture-backed software company, a small coaching business, or anything in between. We support founders across the globe and have designed the program to work from almost every time zone. 

The Day One Fellowship is also a great fit for intrapreneurs and innovators who are looking to level up and build networks with the startup community.


At the start of the program you will be put into a small group of other Fellows and assigned a Day One Mentor-in-Residence as your coach.  

Every week, you will be guided (and held accountable) by your coach to ship a project and get feedback.  You will be given step-by-step playbooks to follow to take away the guesswork and have the support you need to ensure you don’t get stuck.

Each week you will also be able to attend office hours with experienced investors, founders, domain experts for small group working sessions and discussions. You’ll regularly pitch real investors and receive valuable feedback. 

Along the way you’ll connect and build relationships with your peers, learning from them and actively collaborating.

This structure allows the flexibility to help you at whatever stage of the journey you are at.

Every application is reviewed by our team. If we think there is a good fit, we’ll invite you to a 30 minute interview.  This informal interview is to get to know you and give you a chance to get to know us.  We make almost all decisions after this first interview, within a couple of days.

Most accelerators have a business model which doesn’t charge anything upfront and instead takes a percentage of equity (4-7%).  This dynamic leads them to focus on accepting companies only after they’ve proved themselves and results in acceptance rates of around 1%.  

We have intentionally decided that we would be equity-free and instead charge a tuition fee of $1,499.  There are two big advantages with this pricing model:  1) it ends up being less expensive for you in the long run.  Equity might seem cheap now, but trust us once you start raising money you will be happy to have that extra 4-7%.  2)  it allows us to help the earliest stage companies that aren’t yet ready for a traditional accelerator.  

We know our program is incredibly effective and will help you level up.  If you decide the program isn’t working for you – we will refund your program fee. No questions asked.

Our goal is to make the Fellowship accessible to anyone with the ambition to start something new, regardless of their situation.

If financial needs are holding you back from joining, please tell us during the application process – on a case by case basis we can provide discounts and payment plans.

Applications are always free, so don’t hesitate to apply and tell us about your circumstances.

Your journey as a founder will be one of the hardest things you do. You are bound to spend money when you don’t need to, waste weeks because you’re uncertain what to do next, beat your head against a wall trying to find a someone who can open a door for you, and just face the hardships of feeling stressed and lonely. The costs of all this are hard to quantify, but the magnitude is huge. 

Almost every founder who has become a Day One Fellow has cut through uncertainty, unlocked doors, found faster or cheaper ways to do things, and leveled up in ways that will increase the odds of success. Fellows have met investors, co-founders and customers through Day One.

If you were to try and replicate the Day One Fellowship on your own:

  • you would spend at least $1,000 for the 1:1 and group coaching by a veteran startup builder
  • You would spend $4,500 for a course like the altMBA only to participate in a curriculum that’s not focused on founders 
  • You would spend hours reaching out and trying to coordinate meetings with investors and mentors
  • And you would spend $3,000 to join On Deck for a community of founders


Not to mention, we’ve curated thousands of dollars of discounts to tools and services you’ll need to use.

Cohort 5 is launching September 12.

Cohort 6 is planned to launch in early 2022.

Apply to the Day One Fellowship

Next start date: September 12
Cost: $1,499 (payment plans available)

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