Update (as of Dec 1 2021): We’ve closed down the Day Zero community. 

If you’re an aspiring or zero-stage founder,  check out the Idea Activator, a new program designed specifically to help you learn how to navigate the idea maze, and do so while embedding into a tight-knit community of entrepreneurs.

Become someone who has great business ideas

Access ideas and insights from the world’s leading founders, investors and industry experts. Bring your own business concepts to life using our tools and playbooks, and get feedback, advice, and brainstorm ideas with a community of talented, like-minded peers.

Day Zero by Day One - Community for exploring and validating new business ideas | Product Hunt

What is Day Zero?


The insights that lead to actionable and innovative new businesses aren’t floating around Twitter. They live in the minds of leading experts, founders, and investors. So we host these folks for closed door conversations and have them share what they know. Then we write up the insights and ideas and send them to your inbox. You get inspired, keep up with trends, and save yourself months of research.


Great ideas aren’t born. They’re made. We provide you with proven tools, resources and methodologies to discover new ideas, craft and evaluate business concepts, and validate new business ideas. You’ll learn what good looks like and discard bad ideas without over-investing. You’ll create the artifacts and prototypes that allow for iteration, and feedback – until your ideas become great.


Network with hundreds of like-minded entrepreneurs, investors and experienced innovators who are all eager to collaborate. Find your next co-founder or investor, and get feedback, advice and fresh ideas from the community as you bring your ideas to life.

What you get with as a member of Day Zero

Tools & Playbooks

Ideation frameworks

The “New Venture Canvas”

Co-founder finding/fit playbook

Customer discovery playbook

Prototyping playbook

Financial models playbook

Build in public and launch playbook

Community & Events

Live, closed-door briefings with industry experts, founders and investors

Live brainstorm and collaboration sessions 

Curated 1:1 introductions with community members


You become like the 5 people you spend the most time with.
Spend more time with experts, investors and entrepreneurs.

Join founders and operators from the world's top venture studios.

Level up your ideas

Learn from experts.

Leverage world-class tools and methodology.

Join a community that has your back.

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