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Day Zero is a community for aspiring founders.

You’ll discovery and refine business ideas, meet co-founders, and build momentum. 

You’ll actually make it to the other side of the idea maze and get your new business off the ground. 

No more false starts. No more big plans with little action. It’s time to start something.

Day Zero is launching May 15.

Sign up for the waitlist and get early access pricing of $99/year for life.

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Too many founders are sitting on the sidelines.
We're giving you the tools to change that.

Leading Edge Ideas

The insights that lead to innovative new businesses aren’t floating around Twitter. They live with the experts, founders, and investors who are living in the future. We bring those people into closed door brainstorms and briefings, and you have a seat at the table.

Validation Workflow

Great ideas aren’t born. They’re made. Tap into a step-by-step methodology of discovery, evaluation, and iteration that’s proven to turn ideas into real businesses. You’ll discard bad ideas without over-investing and iterate until your ideas become great.

Meet Your Co-founder

Network with hundreds of people who are all searching for their next big thing and are eager to collaborate and team together. We make it easy by coordinating brainstorms, jam sessions and matches. Then launch with a whole community at your back, cheering you on.

Spotlighting Trends

Each week we summarize the ideas percolating inside Day Zero, the insights shared in live sessions, and the top ideas floating around the web. We bring analysis and suggestions on how to turn ideas and trends into a business.

Inside is a community-powered workflow that produces better business ideas.

Workflow and Tools

Ideation frameworks

Evaluation frameworks

Co-founder fit toolkit

Customer discovery playbook

Prototyping playbook

Build in public and launch playbook

Community & Events

Top founders, investors and innovators

Brainstorms and briefings with experts, founders and investors

Asynchronous feedback and collaboration

1:1 matching and networking events

Launches amplified by the community

Ambitious founders start here.
Meet some of the Founding Members who make up your squad.

Partnered with and backed by top VCs and venture studios

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Make your next big thing happen.

Find your next big thing.

Meet your co-founder.

Tap into community that has your back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Day Zero is a great fit for two types of people.

First is the aspiring founder, those who have the ambition and desire to start a business but haven’t yet found their next big thing, don’t yet have the conviction in their idea(s) to jump in, or don’t yet have the team around them to accelerate forward.

Second is the innovator, those who exploring business trends and opportunities is either a personal hobby or professional activity. That could look like an investor, a corporate innovator, a freelancer, or really anyone who wants to develop entrepreneurial muscles.

Day Zero is a light touch, membership-based community designed around the earliest stages of the entrepreneurial journey. We launched Day Zero because the on ramp to entrepreneurship was missing, and no one was helping aspiring founders actually get the job done and get in the game. We view Day Zero as the absolute earliest stages of entrepreneurship.

The Day One Fellowship is designed for early-stage founders who have an idea, have conviction in their direction, but need support, guidance, and resources to navigate their windy path and build momentum. At this stage, a founder needs a higher touch, personally tailored experience, and the breadth of what needs to be learned and focused on expands. The Day One Fellowship is thus a selective, high touch program for founders in this stage. 

As a member of Day Zero, you get access to:

  1. a tailored methodology, workflow and tools to make navigating the idea maze a snap
  2. access to facilitated sessions that no one else is putting on – brainstorms and briefings from experts, founders, investors who can point the way to big opportunities
  3. a community of collaborative peers who are cheering each other on, providing feedback and ideas, and most importantly, connecting to find co-founders
  4. access to a bi-weekly newsletter of the best ideas, trends and insights from within Day Zero and across the web

What you really get is access to an ecosystem that will level up how you think about startup ideas and cut short your journey to launching a new business.

We’ve built our entire community into Circle, a powerful and flexible platform that enables forum channels, direct messaging, and video calls.

We use Gumroad to manage memberships.

A Day Zero membership is $99 / quarter or $300 / year.