It was almost one year ago that we launched the Day One Fellowship. While so much has changed – we’ve launched new programs, new communities, and so many new elements to the Fellowship – our mission hasn’t. 

We’re building Day One so that founders who usually find themselves on the outside looking in can finally tap into the knowledge, resources, and networks that accelerate entrepreneurial journeys.

Over 200 founders have resonated with that mission and become Day One Fellows. They’ve formed a diverse, tight-knit community that supports each other and learns together. And they are each accelerating ahead on their own unique paths.

We see this diversity – of backgrounds and trajectories – as our superpower. Whether you’re building a rocketship or a lifestyle business, whether you’re fully committed or just exploring, whether you have a clear game plan with a few distinct needs or you don’t quite know what to do next, Day One Fellows have been where you are, and they’re going where you’re going. For example, you could…

  1. Raise a successful, oversubscribed pre-seed round like D1F2 Fellow Yehong did for her startup Zette.
  2. Find your cofounder! D1F3 Fellows, Vivian and Ana, met up for the first time IRL for a camping trip AND a photoshoot after being named a Forbes Next 1,000 business. Their company, Rise has also been named as a Tory Burch Foundation 2021 Fellow since then.
  3. Feel empowered to build in public like D1F3 Fellow, Tori. She’s on the sixth episode of her podcast, The Knowledge Shop. Available on Spotify and Apple.
  4. Take your lifelong career experience to build a solution for an industry you know like the back of your hand like D1F2 Fellow, Martins, is with AdHause.
  5. Gain the clarity to know when it’s time to step back and close the book. D1F2 Fellow, Nick did just that when he realized being a founder wasn’t for him.
  6. Have your DTC brand get featured on Eater Magazine! D1F2 Fellow, Rushi’s startup, Zameen, is rooted in empowering ethical spice farmers and the world is taking note.
  7. Create the next generation of search engine, like D1F3 fellow Adam Gordon is with
  8. Raise a seed round and begin hiring like D1F2 Fellows Soren and Parker.
  9. Find conviction in your idea, quit your full time job and launch a cohort-based Fellowship of your own like D1F2 Fellow, David. Applications for Possible, launched last week.
  10. Send a signal to the world that even though you’ve moved to Hawaii for the time being, you mean business. Maddy from D1F2 took her time with customer discovery, navigated legal challenges and just shared her progress w/ Kaiya!

And while it’s hard to predict what the next year will have in store, it’s clear that this next year is going to be something special, starting with D1F5. 

The Fellowship today is the strongest it’s ever been. Not only are you joining a community with founders like the ones you read about above, but you will:

  • Access a world-class venture-building curriculum. You’ll be guided through a process similar to what you would experience at a top tier venture studio. You’ll leave with firmer foundations and clarity about your path, we promise.
  • Receive guidance from Mentors-in-Residence who meet with you weekly to coach, guide, and hold you accountable.
  • Attend weekly office hours with experienced founders and operators and learn the ins-and-outs from startup veterans.
  • Join weekly pitch sessions where you will refine your story, delivery, and business model by presenting to top venture investors.

And so much more. For 10 weeks you’ll be in startup bootcamp heaven. After 10 weeks, you’ll be a part of a vibrant, diverse and growing community of entrepreneurs.

Cohort 5 kicks off September 12Apply to join today, we’ll be reviewing applications right up to kickoff. We hope to speak to you soon!

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