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Hands-on guidance.  Step-by-step playbooks.  Collaborative, talented peers. 

Join our 10-week program and tap into the ecosystem designed to help you level up as an entrepreneur and accelerate your journey from zero to one.

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Since we launched in the summer of 2020

130 Fellows

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50+ Companies

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Day One is a 10-week, cohort based program designed for early-stage founders.


Starting a business is hard. Don’t do it alone.  Join top founders from across the world in a tight-knit community that has your back and propels you forward. Tap into advice, connections and amplification from founders who are all cheering each other on. Find your tribe and set yourself up for a long run of success.


Take away the guesswork. Follow proven, step-by-step playbooks created at world-class venture studios. Receive tactical guidance from experienced coaches while you put the playbook into action. We’ve removed the fluff so you can cut through the noise and execute. We provide hands-on feedback so you course correct in real time.


Avoid rookie mistakes. Save yourself time, money and heartache with advice and hard-won, real-world lessons from experienced operators. Every week we host mentor sessions, talks, office hours, and pitch reviews so you can level up and learn from some of the greats. Access select perks and discounts to save $1,000’s.

After 10 weeks...

What's going on inside


Expert led workshops that teach startup fundamentals, alongside Fellow-led workshops that unpack the leading edge of what’s new.


Follow step-by-step playbooks to guide you as you ship projects every week – go further and deeper with peers and experts to guide you.


Every week Fellows give and receive feedback on projects and discuss learnings together. Grow while accelerating forward.

Accountability Groups

Opt in to small groups that collaborate together and keep you on track.

Office Hours

Informal working session with experienced founders & operators from the Day One network.

Coaching Sessions

Fellows receive 1:1 guidance and coaching from Day One Mentors and coaches.

Networking Sessions

Virtual community is hard, but we make it easy to meet your peers and grow your network.

Pitch Practice

Pitch top tier VCs and get live feedback and advice multiple times throughout the program.

Fireside Chats

Intimate talks with investors, founders and folks who have startup stories to share.

Cohort 3

Application Deadline

April 5th

Program Dates

April 25th-July 2nd

Who is Day One for?

Day One is for early-stage founders who haven’t hit product-market fit yet. You can be right at the starting line, or somewhere in the messy middle. Day One will help you get down to business and accelerate forward.

Day One is for collaborators who want to build momentum. by being a part of a community. That doesn’t mean you have to be an extravert, but you do need to have a community-first orientation.

Day One is for founders building all kinds of business. Whether you’re VC backed or bootstrapped or something in between, Day One is here for all the different entrepreneurial journeys – especially if you’re not sure.

Day One Fellows come from the world's top companies:

Mentors & Speakers

Learn from serial founders who have achieved $1B exits and investors who manage $50M+ venture funds. These are just a few of the founders, operators and investors who guide, support, advise or teach within Day One.

Charlie O’Donnell

General Partner, 

Brooklyn Bridge Ventures

Jenny Fielding

Managing Director, 

Techstars NYC

Ryan Begelman

Founder & CEO, 

Summit. CEO of Bisnow

Yonatan Raz-Fridmen

Founder & CEO


Karen Cahn

Founder & CEO


Tom Higley

Founder & CEO


Jesse Morris

General Partner

Human Ventures

Alex Maleki

Managing Director


Betsy Fore


Tiny Organics

Ashish Gupta

Fmr Hedge Fund Manager

backed by Millennium Management 

Lisa Nicole Bell


Behind The Brilliance

Alyssa Petersel



Packy McCormick


Not Boring

Judith Erwin


Grasshopper Bank

Beatriz del Rio


Vine Ventures

Apply to join Day One

You get

10-Week Program

Flagship startup-building curriculum

Collaborate daily with tight-knit cohort of world-class founders

Active guidance from mentors and investors

Weekly expert-led workshops and talks

Participate in investor + mentor showcase

+ lifetime alumni access

Lifetime Alumni Access

Connect to fellows across all cohorts through fellow-only Slack + directory

Monthly speakers and workshops

Connections across Day One network

Access to library of recorded sessions

Templates, tools and resource library

Members only perks

Join the next cohort

Cohort 3

Application deadline:

April 5th

Program dates:

April 25th-July 2nd

Tuition:  $1,199

Satisfaction guaranteed.  If you find that Day One doesn’t meet your expectations, we will issue you a 100% refund no questions asked.  

Application takes less than 10 minutes.

Real people making real progress

Brian Dell
Brian Dell@itsbdell
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There's nothing more motivating than a cohort of people all pushing in the same direction. If you've got an itch to build something, the @DayOneD1 fellowship gives you a community to turn your idea into reality.
Lauren Kang
Lauren Kang@kanglaur
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Being part of the inaugural @DayOneD1 cohort, with founder and CEO @AWHutton as one of my mentors, was incredible - any founders who are interested in learning more should join the showcase today - @TheFundGlobal @techstars
Mick de Meijer
Mick de Meijer@iammickdemeijer
Read More
Community drives progress. A few weeks into the first @DayOneD1 fellowship, and I’m so pumped! The program has proven to be an incredible source of knowledge, support and resources for starting a new company.
Terry Xu
Terry Xu@coolnalu
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Pitched 6 times in 60 minutes at @DayOneD1 showcase. Unimaginable I could do that a year ago.
Steve Kane
Steve Kane@stevie_kane
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Excited to start the @DayOneD1 Fellowship tomorrow morning. Looking forward to learning tools to help me grow as a founder, meeting amazing entrepreneurs and growing my business. Cc; @AWHutton
Imran Kahn
Imran Kahn@buildwelllabs
Read More
i guess i'm an entrepreneur now ... thanks for the support and force function @DayOneD1 ... will launch product soon

Got questions?

Our name is Day One for a reason, so you can’t be too early in your entrepreneurial journey.  Because we provide 1:1 guidance that takes into account your context, and have developed playbooks for the common fundamentals of building a startup, almost every founder who is looking to accelerate, expand their network, find support, and learn is a fit.

Day One is also a fit for entrepreneurs who are building all kinds of businesses – whether that’s a venture-backed startup, a bootstrapped business, a side hustle, an agency, or anything in between. The early days are a special kind of hard and we’re focused on helping founders navigate these treacherous waters when they need the most support.

We try to infer through your application the slope of your (personal) growth curve.  We are far more concerned with your drive to learn and motivation than we are with your years of professional experience.  Do you take (and seek out) feedback?  Do you understand that feedback is what makes you better (even if it is sometimes hard to hear)?  Do you realize that entrepreneurship is a marathon and not a sprint?  Do you value community and strive to contribute as much as you receive?  We are looking for people who answer yes to these questions.  As you can imagine, it isn’t always easy to infer this from a written application.  Don’t overthink the application – just keep these things in mind.

Every application is reviewed by our team. If we think there’s potential to be a great Day One Fellow, we’ll invite you to a 30 minute interview where we’ll look to get to know you beyond the application, and give you a chance to get to know us and ask questions. We make almost all decisions after this first interview, within a couple weeks of applying. 

We suggest reserving 5-10 hours a week to make the most of the program. You’ll want to make time for sessions like workshops, office hours, mentor sessions, networking events and talks,  as well as time to work on your business and connect 1:1 with your peers. 

The program is designed to be flexible and no session is must-attend. Many Fellows work full time and do this program on the side, while others are busy building full time. If a busy week comes up and you have to prioritize elsewhere, you’ll be able to catch recordings of sessions, collaborate asynchronously, and get back to live sessions the following week. And in the end, if you find that the workload is too heavy, you can always defer to a later program or get a refund.  

Speak to us if you have concerns

Yes! Even before the pandemic made virtual communities a must, Day One was designed to be virtual so that we could extend support and opportunity wherever we could find entrepreneurs… meaning, everywhere. When local activities come back, we’re excited to build local chapters, but for now, Day One is fully virtual.

Yes!  Here is how it works.  The first founder pays full price.  Any other founder after that (up to three) pays 50%.

We offer early applicant pricing which allows you to join for a significant discount. We also have a limited number of need-based partial scholarships to offer.  Please discuss this during your interview.

After the  10 week program, you’ll continue to be a part of the growing and vibrant Day One Fellowship Alumni community. Inside this community, you’ll be able to connect with Fellows from every cohort, and access all the content we produce, playbooks we create and the sweet, sweet perks we aggregate for you. You’ll also get access to talks and events just for Fellowship alumni.

Day One was first conceived by Andrew Hutton while he was launching new startups at Human Ventures, a startup studio. During the spring of 2020, as a pandemic was setting in, the thesis behind Day One came together: create a virtual community for early stage founders that was focused equally on bringing people together AND guiding/pushing/accelerating them through their entrepreneurial journey. The question Andrew was trying to answer was “how can we scale a venture studio, what would that look like?” The answer is Day One. Shortly thereafter, Rahul Brahmbhatt joined as co-founder and COO, and the rest is history. Together, Andrew and Rahul have advised hundreds of founders and supported and invested in dozens of businesses. With Day One, the mission is to support thousands more.

Ready to level up and start building?